5GUW no service on phone
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I bought this phone "brand new"  and have had the 5G Edge phone since April of 23, multiple points in time spent with "customer service" as well as "tech experts". All to no avail. I have rebooted, cleared cache/cookies, factory reset and still have issues. I also have 5GUW and then my phone tells me I have no connection to the internet. Pretty embarrassing on the side of Verizon that I have to reboot my phone just to be able to  make a call every time. Only thing I get from customer service is to try and be sold insurance for my phone, which I already have! My other 2 phones on my plan are billed for 5G but, they are not even 5G phones. Pretty shady if you ask me, but don't want to switch, due to potential of losing the phone number I have had for 20+ years. 

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Re: 5GUW no service on phone
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Hello, Slashvamps, we know it's important to have reliable service when you need it and we would like to help find a lasting solution for you. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.