Accessory Availability Rant
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Maybe a Verizon rep can answer this issue.  I had ben without my phone for roughly two and a half weeks due to warranty repair issues.  Due to leaving home to travel for Christmas, I had the phone delivery set for where I was staying but managed to leave the back protective skin and charger at home.  No worries; figured I would just go to the local Verizon store ad grab new ones; except, what I found was that three different Verizon stores had only a small number of accessories for "any" smartphone, all compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy, yet had three large racks full of accessories for the iPhone.  The issue wasn't that the stores were low on inventory/stock but that they do not sell accessories for the other smartphones.  Interesting given that Verizon sells other smartphones.

I went to two other retailers, Best Buy and Walmart as secondary possibilities and found a compatible charger (universal style) but still no protective skins.  Again, all Samsung products at Best Buy and Walmart only carried the DROID MAXX.

I understand the iPhone is the biggest "gotta have" phone but there ARE other phones out there, and also other phones than the Samsung Galaxy.  So why is it those of us with the RAZR MAXX and other versions, including LGs ad HTCs, are only able to get accessories through online ordering and not even at a Verizon outlet store?

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Re: Accessory Availability Rant
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In most cases customers will buy cases/covers and other accessories at 3rd party companies(Online, specialty stores etc.). So Verizon just gave up and stopped carrying accessories for every phone.

I know at least where I live, the mall as tons of little kiosks that sell accessories fr most all phone models Smiley Happy