Active Display & Proximity Sensor disabled with update

Before the update to 23.3.24, the Active Display could be activated by passing your hand over the phone. Very useful, and something you could do in a meeting without being terribly obvious that you were checking on mail.

Since the update, you must actually move the phone. The proximity sensor does not bring up Active Display.

I have checked settings for Active Display, and it is turned on. It comes up when a new text or email come in, and at intervals when the phone is just sitting there, but otherwise, you have to move the phone to bring AD up if you don't want to wait.

Support at Verizon suggested that a factory reset might fix this. I'm going to try to do that tonight, and will report back.

Has anyone tried a factory reset and did the proximity sensor start working with Active Display again?

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Re: Active Display & Proximity Sensor disabled with update

So it's been a while, and you said you'd report back. Did it work? I have the same problem, and it's now really starting to frustrate me. Thanks!