Advance HD Calling Feature Issue

I have recently Updated my Droid Turbo 2 Software to "24.31.22" "6.0.1" on Nov. 3rd 2016 and since then I have not been able to ACTIVATE the

ADVANCE CALLING FEATURE. It goes through the process and ask's you to restart phone and then it does not Activate. Before the UPDATE it was working fine. Did all the steps Tier 2 asked me to do, in fact spoke to 3/4 people. "reset network" "cleared cache" "DL'd Software Upgrade

Assistant" ect. I have tried everything. Even did Factory RESET!!! So in the end Im reverting to replacing my phone with a FACTORY REFURBISHED one, even tho I have purchased this phone BRAND NEW!!! I will STATE, my DROID TURBO 2 was working FINE and was happy with it BEFORE the UPDATE!!! Im thinking the UPDATE has issues!!!

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