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Okay, trying to make this short.  Since getting the Droid Turbo I have to use a Network Extender (never did with other phones), so

calling toll free numbers, I cannot tell if the other phone is ringing as there is total silence on my end, unless someone answers. Anyway, they turned

off Advanced calling (Verizon - on their end), afterwards, when I turned on my data I HAD NO DATA WHATSOEVER. No 1x, no 3G, no 4G, nothing, and I

live in a 4G LTE area.  This continued until I, once again, had to download AC again and just turn it off with my phone.  Why do I have to have the feature on the phone in order to have any Data coverage?

Can't wait til Edge is up with this phone. many problems.

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Verizon released the advanced calling patch for the Turbo which has screwed up its ability to work with the Wireless Extender especially when you are also connected to WiFi. They know of the bug, but don't seem to be in any hurry to fix it.

You will also notice a problem with MMS messages. Verizon's cure for that...they will tell you to use their Messenging plus app which sends MMS over Wifi.

It's a mess


AC uses LTE 4G and does NOT work with a 3G network extender.  Therefore, to use the 3G extender, one must disable the 4G-required AC.  It isn't that AC must be on to use 4G LTE, rather you must have LTE for the AC to work.