After 90days what I like/do not like about the Droid Turbo
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The short list-


1)  How I can wave my hand over phone and it wakes up.

2)  Long battery life (at 3900maH that is larger than all Apple iOS devices and any other phone)


1)  The increasing number of Android Apps that are to be disabled because for a few dollars VZ will put anything on their phones. Droid phones should be near pure phones like Nexus but with larger batteries.

2)  How the hardware GPS comes disabled by default in the mode "battery saving"

3)  How the External Speakers are L/R of ear piece mic front facing. Poor sound quality and very poor volume quality compared to a 1st gen Moto-X phone that has its external speaker on the back near bottom of the phone. Can we not have both?

4)  The increasingly smaller selection of Ring Tones and Wallpapers over time in the Droid series.

What do you like/ do not like?

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