After this last Update (2 days ago) I have been having problems.
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My "Ok Google" is not working correctly.  My settings indicate that it is off, but "Say 'Ok Google'" remains in the Google Search Bar, and fully functional.  If I actually try to turn it on in my settings, it tells me that it can't comply because it can't find my profiles.  I am always logged-on to my Google account when trying to activate this setting, either to on or off.  In another words, it is always on, regardless of what my settings confirm.

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Re: After this last Update (2 days ago) I have been having problems.
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This is very strange, RLCarbone. I know how important it is to have all features working as intended, particularly the OK Google feature. You indicate that this issue started after the most recent software update. My resources indicate that a factory reset may resolve any post software update issues that may result from conflicts from previous and new software system files. Please do a factory reset as per this link and test:


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