Alerts have changed and pictures are gone

As of this morning (4/17/14) my Razr has changed all alert sounds as well as lost all of my pictures.  I haven't done anything different with my phone since it was working yesterday.  Please help!!!  How can I get my pictures back and better yet....why did everything change without me doing anything??

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Re: Alerts have changed and pictures are gone
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Same issue with both my phone and my husbands (moto Razr M) within the past two weeks.  Verizon claims they have no clue.  If you search the net, you'll find many similar issues with Verizon customers.

I, unfortunately, lost some extremely sentimental photos I can never reproduce.  Lesson learned - take a camera, or at best, take a photo with my phone, then immediately email it to myself.

Another note, I cannot even log into my verizon account and access media.  Again Verizon claims nothing is amiss, but clearly there is a problem they're not willing to admit.