Android Motorola Turbo2: Keeps asking for WiFi Password


I just received a replacement phone (to replace my phone with a defective charging port).

My Verizon store set it up for me.

Now for the first time, I cannot connect to wifi on my phone.

(It is connecting fine on my laptop on which I am currently typing!)

It keeps asking me for my password. When I enter my router password, it tells me it is incorrect.

I wrote the password down and used it over a year ago when I first set up my new router, so I am pretty I

sure the password is correct.

Is there a checklist of things I can check in case some switches are wrong and need to be fixed?

(I've tried a few things after reading some things on the web, but to no avail.)

I am wonderig if something I had been having trouble with could be causing a conflict with my wifi settings: Today I found a place where my work email address had been populated where my personal email address should have been.

Could work email address issues have occured during the time that they transfered my old phone to my new replacement phone. And could there be a conflict somewhere causing troulbe with my wifi connection?

(Google Sync put both my work email contacts and my persoal contacts in my contact list. (With the help from my Verizon store, I have since remedied).

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Re: Android Motorola Turbo2: Keeps asking for WiFi Password
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I’m sorry to learn that you are having some issues connecting your Turbo 2 to your WiFi network, SUSVIE24. Let’s go over some steps that may resolve this issue. First, please remove your WiFi network from the phone as per this link:
Next, add your WiFi network manually as per this link and test:
Keep us posted.

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