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Anybody wishing they had an iPad 2?

I have a Droid X and am very satisfied.   I have rooted a Nookcolor and use it sparingly, plus the 2.2 upgrade is coming to the NC this month.  I had ordered an iPad 2 from Verizon but have finally been able to cancel that order because I didn't like the way Verizon has handled the rollout and shipping.  I picked up an iPad 2 from Target but am wondering how pleased everyone is with their Xoom because I have a $500 gift card to Best Buy and have not ruled out getting one.   The iPad2 is nice but it isn't the be all and end all for someone who is very comfortable with the Android system.   Thanks in advance.

Re: Anybody wishing they had an iPad 2?
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The blasphemy!


Seriously, I am very happy with my XOOM, and looking forward to the 4G data speeds.  I have no longing thoughts whatsoever for the iPad 2.  For reference, I am not an Apple hater, but do prefer Android.  This is my first tablet.  For phones, I have the Nexus S and iPhone 4 (GSM).

Re: Anybody wishing they had an iPad 2?

Understand that the Xoom is ver 1.  It has issues.  It is not as  easy to use as an iPad. But it is an open program. You can do many things to customize the Xoom experience if you are interested in it.


The App ecosystem is small but growing. It is a very friendly environment that connects you directly to App developers to make requests for App changes.


Overall, it has been a lot of fun, but not without it's crashes and hiccups and freezes. But one thing it has never failed to come back to life and pickup.

Re: Anybody wishing they had an iPad 2?
If I had $500 gift card and the opportunity to buy a Motorola XOOM, in a heartbeat, you betcha I would buy one. Alas, no such gift card in my possession. :smileysad: Some people are SO lucky.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.