Anyone have problems with heaphone jack on RAZR?

I have gone through several replacements because the headphone jack just stops working. I plug in the head phones and no sound over the headphonesand sound still comes out of the speaker. Switch headphones? Same result. CHecked the settings to make suer it was set up properly.I bring it to Verizon and they say to call customer support to get a replacement.

I like the phone but having to replace it every two weeks is getting a little irritating. Smiley Sad

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Re: Anyone have problems with heaphone jack on RAZR?
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YES -- the jack in this phone is very flakey on mine as well .. (never NEVER had this issue on my DX).  When I insert a cord, I have to play with it to get a solid and static free connection.  Some have suggested that if you carry your phone in your pocket, you can get lint and debris in the hole ..  You take something like a saftey pin to get the junk out .. In my case though I have no lint/debris in mine .. the thing is just  annoyingly flakey.

Re: Anyone have problems with heaphone jack on RAZR?

I used a Narrowed Sweeper Wand and Put a Drinking Straw in it to Cut the Suction Down an i pulled the Dirt that i got in My Maxx out and so Far Cody has had any static when Connecting. I think if ones could get these many sweepers that U can buy say at Office max or some were like that. That you can use on key boards an such they would work great for stuff like this. But one's need to use Caution when doing so to avoid Scratches an other harm to the Device.. b33 Smiley Happy