Aol mail isn't working anymore. Motorola G6
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I have had no issues for over a year with email. I have done all the fixes and none work. Deleted Aol emails,then reinstalled them around 15 times. I have reset the phone,O nothing works.

My laptop the same issue, however 1 Aol email works, the other 2 don't. They were working fine for 5 months,then 2 of them stopped. On the laptop this has happened before but,it always would start working again in a couple of days,now it's been over 2weeks for laptop & the cell phone that never had an issue before until 3 weeks ago.

I have also done every fix there is & none work. My tablet Samsung Galaxy Android is 2years old, all my Aol email accounts work perfectly, never had an issue.

 Also my Motorola G-6 Android phone a little bit more than a year old has worked horribly. Barely any reception 2 bars , The internet is to be 4G & it has constant connection issues. Says has to refresh & more importantly, always goes to 3G & I have had the signal strengths tested and they are perfectly fine, just not for my phone. I was told to go to my local service store & get the SIM card replaced , because it is defective. Only took a year for the technicians to say this, so hope this fixes the poor signal strengths and internet access. 

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Re: Aol mail isn't working anymore. Motorola G6
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Good afernoon, HellHound50. It's imortant for your device and AOL email to work normally, so I undersattnd your ocncern when you run into issues. For assistance with your AOL account, submit your concern here


I will be able to assist with your Morgotorla G6. What is the city/state and closest inteesection of the troubled location? Is your phone working normally since the new SIM card?