AppFlash keeps crashing, despite being disabled
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I have disabled the spyware which VzW installed on my phone even though I didn't want it.  But I keep getting a popup notifying me it has crashed, so it must still be lauching itself.  How do I uninstall this unwanted app?

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Re: AppFlash keeps crashing, despite being disabled
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Ah, the Dirty Tricks of Big Red...

They baked this horrible app into the OS on the 7.1.1 update, so it cannot be removed.   Before disabling, be sure to clear the cache and app data.  That "may" help.

BTW, this piece of spyware from Verizon is also causing severe battery drain for what seems to be many users.

I wonder if Verizon will fix this problem by removing another piece of garbage that none of us asked for?

Re: AppFlash keeps crashing, despite being disabled
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Managing apps is one of the most exciting things about Android, b1uebird. When an unwanted app is described as “spyware”, many users make extra efforts to remove the app rather than simply disable it. As an Android user myself, I am familiar with this error message you’re getting and will be glad to help. Have you had the chance to try the steps suggested by JGwiz? If so, what were the results? Those are exactly the steps I took and, since then, have not seen the AppFlash on my device unless I swiped left from my home screen. Please keep us posted on what happens.




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Re: AppFlash keeps crashing, despite being disabled
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How about Verizon stops  pushing these useless apps to our devices or even better... Unlock the bootloader