Apps close on their own on my phone
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I have the Motorola Moto G7 Power Smartphone right, when I am on apps or whatever, they be closing out on their own and the phone go back to the main screen that shows the time and apps on it, I wonder what makes it do that when I am on apps like Facebook, and all other kinds of apps besides that one, I been trying to do all I could do when I Googled the problem to see what would I need to do, I go to Settings, Apps & Notifications, and then it shows recently apps that have been opened, I click on each one and then click on force stop and then I go down to Storage and then I click on Clear Cache for each app, and then on to the next apps for all apps that be opened I click on force stop and clear cache, but it does not seem to be working out when I do that for each app as they still be closing out on they own and phone returns to the main screen, I am gonna just go back to Apple Phone and be straight or better yet get a all way newer better Android phone, but I am still gonna go with Apple. I done had the Motorola Moto G7 Power Smartphone for only 7 months for it to be doing that, wow oh wow. Is anybody else experience that problem with theirs if they have that same phone as I do, I even been going on YouTube looking at videos of the apps closing out on that phone as I been trying to follow the same solutions from on there and it does not seem to be helping out, I even been doing a hard factory reset on that phone and by erasing everything when I do a backup on it, everything I mean everything of a factory reset, and that does not seem to help the apps stop closing when I am on a particular one,

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Re: Apps close on their own on my phone
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bradek_39, having a properly working phone is essential. Does the behavior on your device occur when the device is ran in safe mode as shown here: When you reset the device back to factory, did you first disable Automatic Restore of your apps in order to prevent application information from being restored after the reset? This way you could test the behavior before adding all of the 3rd party apps back onto the device. Or, did you immediately restore those apps back onto the device during the setup?