Arizona is NOT on Daylight Savings Time
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Why did my phone change to daylight savings time? I live in Phoenix Arizona where we do not change time. My alarm went off an hour early today and I have now lost sleep because of this technology issue. I shouldn't have to go manually put my phone on my time zone. This is a simple thing that I cant believe Verizon hasn't gotten right, as I see other posts from 2012 and on that this is an issue.

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Re: Arizona is NOT on Daylight Savings Time
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I would equally be shocked if my time did not change too. You have reached the right person to help you. I know some time has passed since you posted. If you ever need immediate assistance then please contact us here: There was a known issue in your area and we were aware of this issue. We do recommend power cycling your phone. If this does not fix your issue then please let me know and we can continue to help. AmberF_VZW