Backup Assistant Plus on Motorola Razr HD won't stop attempting to sync

How do I get Backup Assistant Plus to stop attempting to sync? I've googled this and found it to be a common question, but none of the solutions posted there have resolved the problem that when my phone has been in standby for a few hours (or possibly its when I'm moving around into and out of WiFi coverage) and I wake it up, it attempts a Sync and fails.

I never used to have this problem, but for whatever reason, at one point I attempted to set up Backup Assistant Plus, decided I didn't like/need it, and attempted to turn it off. This has been happening ever since and I'm really tired of having to dismiss the sync attempt page.

In Settings->Apps->All->Backup Assistant Plus and Settings->Apps->All->Backup Assistant+ Contacts, the Disable, Clear Data, Clear Cache, and Clear Defaults buttons are greyed out. Force Stop doesn't seem to help.

I went to the My Verizon page and removed Backup Assistant Plus from my account. Still no help.

One of the suggestions I found from Google was that perhaps one needed to disable backup assistant plus on the phone first before disabling it on My Verizon. Only problem there was that I couldn't find how to disable it on the phone.

I've been putting up with this for nearly a year and I'm sick of it. Any help?


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Re: Backup Assistant Plus on Motorola Razr HD won't stop attempting to sync
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We definitely want to resolve this syncing error for you! One year is a long time to be dealing with this trouble on your Droid RAZR.

What is the exact error message you get? Have you tried to Master Reset your device to resolve? Which software version is running on your device?

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