Battery issues
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I am having battery issues just like a very good size amount of customers on the Verizon battery forum and 1st I would like to now why batteries heating up or not working properly is such a small issue for Samsung and Verizon. I am a first time user of this carrier and all I see on the forums and on the internet is the massive amount of customers complaining about the same problem.  I am a apple fan and do like their take they have on this.  I had the same device with another carrier who will go nameless but I did not have this issue, except they merged with a company I don't like, oh well.  It would be a good idea for Verizon and Samsung marketing departments to look into this as soon as possible so the new young clientele does not go away via the parents who don't take this sore of practices very good.  Yes I am the one who pays the bill in my family and have a lot of control which carrier who unfortunately have to service this devices that have glitchiest.  Like everybody else I will take the device to a store to see what seems to be the problem and if I have to get a replacement that replacement should be "Free"  as I feel the product has a glitch that makes this devices act out, for lack of the technical word, and short circuits the battery operation.  Unfortunately this is a problem Verizon inherited when you started servicing this faulty products and as such you have to do your very best to you loyal customers and provide a the upmost customer service.  Thank you for your attention in this matter and I will certain will keep you posted of the outcome.

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