Bitmoji and Messages sms issues

I have the Droid Moto Z, picked up last August and has been working flawlessly.

Recently I have 2 issues that I cannot get resolved, have been on the phone with tech support and nothing has worked.

First issue Bitmoji will not attach and send, I get the message "Messages failed to load attachment"- I have uninstalled and re installed the app, I have done the update thru the play store and still will not attach.  I even switched to the original stock Messenger + app for text and get the same error.

Second, My Messages app for text (version 2.1.161) has an issue where the icon shows messages that have been read.  Will not clear off- again on the phone with tech support and tried a myriad of fixes that did nothing.  Very frustrating, is anyone else having these issues??  Any suggestions??

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Re: Bitmoji and Messages sms issues
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gck, we don't want this to be an ongoing issue on your phone. Did you recently update the software on your phone? Are you connected to Wi-Fi or our cellular data network when you have this problem?

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