Bluetooth Issues

Recently my Bluetooth stopped recognizing and/or connecting to devices that it had been previously paired with. It won't allow phone audio either with Powerbeats Wireless headphones or my car, previously it did. I've reset network settings and it helps for a little bit, but then back to not working. I've started the phone in SAFE mode and it has the same Bluetooth issue. Anyone else having this problem?

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Re: Bluetooth Issues
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It's important to be able to make full use of your Bluetooth connection, PATTYSTEWART. The steps you have tried for troubleshooting so far have been perfect. When did your Bluetooth stop working? Were there any changes just before this happened such as new apps/updates/software for example? Have you had a chance to turn Bluetooth off and back on completely in Settings>Bluetooth?


Please navigate to Settings>System Updates>Check For System Update. Is  your software up to date at the moment? If so, you have already completed the necessary troubleshooting steps for the Bluetooth issue and the next step would be to complete a factory reset: . Before completing your reset, you can backup your information using Verizon Cloud to make sure nothing will be lost: .



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