Bluetooth audio in Toyota Camry stopped working for all except Play?

Corporate just upgraded me from Droid X to Droid Razr Maxx HD. It was delivered on Monday. On the first day, I set up the Bluetooth with my car and it worked fine. I listened to, tried out Amazon MP3, listened to BeyondPod too. It was paired and working fine with the car. Today, everything was playing while on Bluetooth, but no sound was coming out. I tried turning the volume up on both the car and the device, but it remained silent. I finally found Google Play Music on the device (I'd overlooked it up until this point) and the music actually played from it. I went back to Amazon MP3 and silence. I also received no audio for the other aforementioned apps, but Play worked.

I then unpaired the phone, turned the car off, turned it back on, repaired it. No dice. I repeated the steps, this time deleting the phone from the car. Still didn't work. The phone connection still works (Thank God!) but the other audio connections do not work. I did not try navigation.

When I got home after spending way too long in the store parking lot messing with this, I went right to my Bluetooth shower speaker and tested Audible out - it works there!

So what happened that it stopped working with my Camry and what can I do to "reset" it so I can be sure to have audio books on long drives without having to carry along my shower speaker on trips?


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Re: Bluetooth audio in Toyota Camry stopped working for all except Play?
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Give these suggestions a Try.!  do a System cache clear on your Maxx HD and you might also try clearing the cache in the Camry if the Option exist and then try re-syncing the two together.. Sometimes clearing and starting from the begging can get things going in the Right Direction..