Bluetooth disconnects randomly
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We have two Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX (one is an HD).  We use our phones with Bluetooth ear pieces every night 2 - 2.5 hours each night.  Recently, past month or so, when using the our phones with Bluetooth devices, the Bluetooth will suddenly drop and the phone kicks over to Speaker (but when you look at the phone, the in-call display shows it is still using BT).  Most often, we can use the in-call display to switch from BT to Speaker and then back to BT.  However, this is not always successful - tonight for example, the BT was dropped and I can't get it to reconnect.  There has also been instances where the phone (Droid RAZR MAXX HD) has disconnected with Dodge U-Connect.

Phone ype connected to BT type

Droid RAZR MAXX - Plantronic Voyager

Droid RAZR MAXX HD - Plantronic Voyager Legend Pro

As a matter of troubleshooting:

1.  BT Cache has been cleared

2.  Phones have been Powered Off and back on (daily)

3.  BT are fully charged

4.  One BT is brand new (Plantronic Voyager Legend Pro)

5.  BT devices are current on Firmware

6.  It's clearly not the BT devices

7.  Both phones are current with software provided by Verizon:

      Android 4.1.2

      System version 9.18.94.XT926.Verizon.en.US

8.  Phones are well cared for, no damage and look new.  No drops, no abuse - just responsible users.

Yes I have looked at forums and other help pages. 

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Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention RPfenning! It actually is common for devices to drop connection from bluetooth devices from time to time. When this issue started do you recall downloading any application prior to the start? Do you recall when the last time you completed an OS update was? Have you fully restored/reset your device? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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I am having the same problem with my Droid Razr M.  It started the evening of 3/6/2014;  I can make or receive calls as usual, but after 5 minutes or so, the call switches to speaker.  Any attempt to transfer back to bluetooth while talking disconnects the call immediately.  It occurs with my VTech cordless phones with bluetooth AND with the integrated bluetooth in my GM vehicle. My cell phone is the only phone that I have (no wired phone).  Since this began, I have had two family medical emergencies (sister with cancer, nephew in severe car wreck) so I can't be without this phone.

Until Thursday, bluetooth has been working perfectly.  I've had the phone since March 2013. I can attest to the comments that the original poster made.  All current, no abuse, no recent app downloads.

System version
Android 4.1.2

Here's what I've done:

Power cycle phone

Remove pairing with both bluetooth devices and reinstalled
Reboot in Safe Mode
Removed & reinstalled SIM card

Completed factory reset TWICE (first time used PREFERRED method, didn't do a thing, had to use ALTERNATE)

As of 3/9/2014 at 10:45 AM, everything SEEMS to be functioning properly.
Will monitor and report back.

By the way, both bluetooth devices (VTech cordless and GM integrated) work flawlessly with Droid X2
It looks like  a large number of users have experienced this problem in the past two or three weeks.
Did Verizon push an update that created this problem?  If so, what are they doing about it?

Thanks to any and all who can provide a solution!

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It actually is common for devices to drop connection from bluetooth devices from time to time.

      Really?  It's common.  That is a really lame answer.

     This is the first time I've ever had this problem with any of my phones.  Sorry, that would be like saying your car will/could just stop running once in awhile.  Don't worry, that's normal . . .

When this issue started do you recall downloading any application prior to the start?

     I don't remember when this started.  But I can say that is it disconnects from my Dodge Charger U-Connect, Plantronics Voyager, Plantronics Voyager Pro and Plantronics Voyager Legend.  I did install the Plantronics software for Android.  But after your response, I removed the programs as well as any other unnecessary software that may interfere with Bluetooth.

     Yesterday, the Droid RAZR MAXX has now begun to drop connections from the OEM wired headset.

Do you recall when the last time you completed an OS update was?

     Build date: Sept 25, 2013 at 13:00 CST

     As far as I know, both phones are current. I have checked for updates and it says it is current.

     Software provided by Verizon:  Android 4.1.2

     System version 9.18.94.XT926.Verizon.en.US

Have you fully restored/reset your device?

     I have not performed a full reset.  I am not eager to reset back to original settings thereby losing everything, having to set it back up and hoping that I don't lose something (or everything).

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RPfenning, thanks for these details. Have you downloaded 3rd party applications to your device from the Google Play market? Hard resetting your device will ensure that any software issue that's causing your bluetooth to drop connection is removed. Here's the steps: Keep us posted.

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Verizon's response to this issue is laughable.

It's provides clarity to the idea that they are truly not in touch with what is going on in the field.

I bought the Droid Razr HD Maxx right after it came out. Starting that year and each and every OS update since, I have the same Bluetooth issues. When in calls, my Bluetooth will randomly disconnect and reconnect, or just drop to the handset. The Phone still indicates that I'm in Bluetooth mode and it requires me to select "handset" and then "Bluetooth" again to get it back only to last a few seconds before relaying back again with zero warning. The only way I've been able to get it stable, although temporarily for a few days, is to remove the pairing and then re-pair the headset. Ive not had this issue with ANY OTHER Bluetooth enabled phone, and I've had a few. It's a definite issue that I fail to understand why it has not been acknowledged as a "known issue" with a fix.

I use my phone for work and and on conference calls regularly. This issue creates negative impact on my ability to do business and create an air of confidence in my company when dealing with large professional companies in the area of technology. I'm up for a replacement in October and hopefully a new device will cure the issue.



I am amazed that so many bluetooth devices are randomly disconnecting.  I don't even use Verizon.

I am on the Sprint network, using an iPhone 4S and a Plantronic Voyager.  I experience random disconnects and reconnects, although they tend to come in sets.  One call may be fine and then the next call taken at a different location will have several disconnects and reconnects in two or three minutes. 

I wonder if it is some other app that is voice activated?  Or maybe its just the NSA?


I am having the same problem with my Samsung Note 4, latest updates from Verizon, and the Plantronics Voyager Pro Legend. The bluetooth connection randonly disconnects and goes to phone, not speaker.  The BT square is loses the highlight, so I have to press it again and then it stays on for a second or two, then disconnects again. I've had to reboot botht he BT earpiece and the phone, and that will maintain the BT connection for a while.

it's pain to have to reboot several times per day.



I am also having the same issue. I have to unpair my Vtech from bluetooth at home in order to get my headset to connect. I have tried disconnecting Vtech and then manually connecting to headset and it never connects even though the phone bluetooth icon shows connected. I have to unpair Vtech, turn bluetooth off, turn bluetooth on and then manually connect bluetooth headset. This has started happening in the the past 6 months. I am also unable to just disconnect Vtech and connect Plantronics headset which I used to be able to do, this I can live with but not being able to connect my headset and keep it connected is a game changer and my contract is up in July 2015.


Has this issue been resolved by anyone? Has the group determined if Verizon or Plantronics? Just upgraded to new Iphone 6 from 5 thinking my phone was the issue. Disconnecting on two different Plantronics. Legend and Pro. Still happening on new phone so back to Plantronics. Upgraded firmware on both devices from Plantronics and problem is now so bad, cannot use either one at all as they disconnect after ten seconds and do it continuously. Love my Legend as a surgeon as I can answer or ignore call with voice commands and also get number calling read to me THis really sucks!!! Plantronics should figure this out since I am going to have to buy another companies blue tooth now......

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Let's get to the bottom of this! Just so I understand correctly, you are able to pair your iPhone 6 to the two Pantronics Bluetooth devices but they are disconnecting randomly?

Does this only happen with those two Bluetooth devices? Have you tried using other Bluetooth devices?


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I started an exact same thread last week and several other RAZR users (not just MAXX HD) are having the same problem that started about 2 weeks ago. Very frustrating. And it's not just when you use bluetooth; it happens when using the handset. Just flips to speakerphone for no reason. Verizon needs to figure this problem out - it's not isolated.

Someone thought it had to do with an updated to Google Text to Speach. But it hasn't helped a couple of us. No answers and the phone that was very good before is now the most annoying thing to use (for calls at least). 

I'm starting to wonder if this is Verizon's way of forcing us to upgrade to their new Edge program before the end of March.

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I am experiencing the same problem with TWO different Bluetooth headsets, a Plantronics and a Bose.  They both pair fine with no disconnect issues to my wife's Samsung S4 phone.  With the RAZR MaxxHD I have the SAME issues.

Verizon needs to actually READ these posts.  It is not simply a matter of a bluetooth device "dropping" (which is NOT normal in any case - lame).  The bluetooth disconnects BUT, as mentioned by others, the onscreen indicator still shows the bluetooth is connected.  Switching to Speaker or Handset and then back to bluetooth works SOMETIMES.  And since I performed no formal "reconnecting" of the bluetooth device this could not simply be a "dropped" bluetooth connection  -in that case the on screen indicator icon would have gone from blue to white and I would have had to reconnect.  Flip flopping between speaker and blue tooth is NOT a normal "reconnect."

Also as for "resetting the phone" this is the lowest common denominator (read as L-A-Z-Y) response.  Imagine wiping your laptop back to factory state every time your printer failed to print!!!

Frankly the problem may now be Lenovo's but I don't want to give Verizon an out since they supply the "Motorola" phone.

How about actually doing some WORK and HELPING your customers, Verizon!!

I have been a customer since 1990.  Thanks.


I also have the DROID MAXX, and have been experiencing the Bluetooth disconnecting randomly, usually after a few minutes, in my car.  Like one other on this thread, music streams via Bluetooth just fine.

I also have issues with WiFi randomly 'Greying out' and not moving any data.  Both of these problems started at about the same time. (approx. a month ago).  Since I was on travel to Guam for 5 weeks, I cannot pinpoint the exact date the issues started.

Is Motorola coming out with a "Fix" for this?
What is Verizon doing to fix this issue?

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Thanks for sharing your concern, and we want to make sure this is resolved. Are you seeing any errors when Bluetooth drops? Does the Bluetooth turn off completely on the phone or just no longer connected to the device? Have you synced with other Bluetooth devices? If you haven't already, please delete the paired connection and pair again.

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I do not see any "errors" but what would that even mean in this case? I

will try to answer your other questions and describe the situation fully.

The circumstances are not always the same with regard to how the problem

appears. Sometimes the Bluetooth indicator on the phone's top status bar

remains lit (blue), showing there is still a connection, but the bluetooth

device has in fact dropped out, and the audio is coming out of the phone.

Usually when the Bluetooth device drops, the audio defaults to the handset

earpiece (not the speaker). Sometimes, but not always, it is possible at

that point to select the speaker icon on the bottom of the screen and be

given a choice in the pop up menu there of choosing "Bluetooth", other

times the choices are only "handset" and "speaker." When you choose

Bluetooth, if presented, it will sometimes re-connect and other times it

won't!! To answer your question, the phone's bluetooth function does not

turn off completely in ANY case, that is, the bluetooth soft-switch never

reverts to "off" from "on." It simply stops working! Yes I have synced

with THREE bluetooth devices, all of which used to work fine until about 5

weeks ago when they ALL flaked out (my technical term). YES I tried

deleting the paired connection and re-pairing. It does not help the


One other tid-bit for you. When I look at the Bluetooth function screen

showing all of my devices, the screen does NOT always show the Bluetooth

device as "connected" EVEN WHEN IT IS WORKING and I am talking on it. When

I select the device on screen, it asks me if I want to end the connection,

so it must "know" it is connected. When I do disconnect and then reconnect

(not re-pair, just re-connect) the device will show with the word

"connected" under the device name. It will stay like that for awhile until

the problem happens again.

Sometimes the device will drop, reconnect, drop, reconnect, all on it's own

in a sort of cycle which is amazingly frustrating!

Thank you for your continued efforts. i have used Verizon since 1990 so I

have paid a lot of money and received good service for the most part over

the years...let's get this solved!

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 8:22 AM, Verizon Wireless Customer Support <

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gglawlor - is your Google Chrome updated? On another thread, I think we determined the problem was the Feb 28th update of Chrome. Since the March 17th update of Chrome, the problem went away.

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ggalaw ...

There is a similar thread here in the Razr HD and RMHD forum.  Some folks have found that uninstalling the Chrome updates and reverting it back to the stock app solve the issue. I have not updated the Chrome app in a while because of other issues & I have no problems with calls on either Blue Tooth device.  I have Chrome version 32.0.1700.99.   Uninstalling the updates might fix the issue & it's an easy test.

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I am having the same issue with Samsung Galaxy III in a Dodge using Uconnect.  It cycles connected... off.... connected.... off...  If I catch it during the 10 seconds it is connected, it will usually stay connected.  I am using the Android 4.3 and the problems seem to have started when that updated.  Guess it could be Chrome, and I will remove it tonight just to test,  but it seems to be affecting too many bluetooth devices on too many platforms to be an app. Almost seems like an issue with Android and the troubleshooting steps are just stalling until they can get a new build released...  but who really knows.


I have had the same problem with my Droid MAXX HD.  I have a Dodge (UConnect) and my phone connects to my Bose SoundLink, as well.  Had this problem some months ago.
Verizon's answer: HARD RESET.

After a lot of hesitation (weeks), I finally did it.  Seemed to work.
Now, today.....BAM! Happens again.

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I'm having the same issue Maxx and Voyager.  I had a Droid Bionic and voyager pro.  Two years no issues.  Droid Maxx for 4 months and about end of April the Voyager pro started dropping randomly.  I could have the phone 1' away and it would drop.   So I bought a voyager legend.  Same problem.  I hard reset. Same problem.  I replaced the phone with a reconditioned Maxx. Same problem.  Switched to a piece of garbage jaw bone BT and no problem now for two weeks.  I want my voyager back!  Fix this issue!!!