Bluetooth shutter skip
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My 2 Moto Z4 (wife has one too) updated to QDFS30.130-42-1-2 Android 10. Prior to this I've had no issues with Bluetooth connectivity. After the update my Bluetooth started to shutter / skip. I've verified that it's not related to the speekers/headphones with different phones and computer.  This looks like it is the Motor Z4 and the update.  Other online information says Motorola knows about the issue.  There are some recommendations for a workaround...  This includes turning off GPS location, turning off WiFi and Bluetooth scanning and turning off WiFi.  I found that doing all of this does make Bluetooth not shutter.  But,. Why would anyone want to turn off WiFi?? Think Verizon wants more $$ for us using more cell data...  Hopefully, sometime, there will be an update to the update.  But doubt Verizon will ever do that. Be surprised.

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Re: Bluetooth shutter skip
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So many phone functions rely on Bluetooth these days, pre_mt. When it gets choppy like that, things just don’t go well. I took a look in our forums and found that you’re not alone, and Motorola is working on correcting the issue. One person in the forums suggested a workaround different from yours that may be of more help. He recommended enabling developer options Once in them, locate the Bluetooth section. Set all of them to the system default. He stated that, in his case, the audio skipping problem seems to have gone away. Be sure to let us know how this turns out for you.



Re: Bluetooth shutter skip
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Between this known issue and the Razer being ridiculously overpriced on top of being a pain to activate, no one should be going Motorola come upgrade time.