Camera focus is no longer working, suggestions?
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I have a Motorola Razr M that I purchased in June 2013. The phone's camera always worked fine. At one point about 6 months ago, the camera stopped focusing. No, the phone wasn't dropped, it wasn't physically damaged in any way. So I cleared cache, did a hard reset, cleaned up files and freed space - nothing made a difference. So I downloaded an app that ending up focusing even better than my original camera. I used this app anytime I wanted to snap a pic. I have 2 little I take lots of pics. FYI - when the focus worked on the downloaded app, it started working on the original camera too.

About 2 weeks ago the focus stopped working again, this time on the downloaded app that I had been using. I tried the original camera on the phone and that wasn't focusing either. Again, I tried all the methods that are usually suggested, and nothing has worked. I uninstalled the downloaded app and hard reset my phone, then turned it on and re-installed the app - and still nothing. In 2 weeks I've already missed out on a bunch of pics I would have taken!

This is sooo frustrating. Yes, I have insurance, but I'd have to pay $99 for a refurbished phone...that seems crazy to me seeing this one was free when I last upgraded. And I certainly can't spend $300-$700 on a new phone, which means I have to wait until June 2015 for a new phone at a decent price.

Man, these cell phone companies certainly have us all by the balls!

Has anyone experienced this with their phones? Any suggestions? I tried calling Verizon a few times- but after I go through a ton of prompts, say the same things over and over and get passed from rep to rep - I end up hanging up frustrated and without a resolution.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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