Can spoken "Hello Moto" be removed from startup?
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I have just purchased a Moto Z2 Play a few days ago, and I really like this phone, and I
think I have figured out how to do everything I want on this phone.  I
have a Verizon plan with this phone.  However, I do find, that when you
turn on the phone, the audible spoken words "Hello Moto" speaks
forth from the phone.  I suppose this is cute and funny the first few
times I have heard it (from my phone, and in TV commercials).  However,
after hearing that over and over it eventually got annoying for me (especially
now that I hear my phone saying it).  Also, at my work place, I am in a
professional environment, and if I want to turn my phone on at work, this
"Hello Moto" spoken from my phone, could be embarrassing to me.
Is there any way to permanently prevent this spoken "Hello Moto" from
speaking forth from my phone?  If not, please take this as a suggestion
for future phones (to remove that from future phone models - better would
be a few short musical notes, to show that the speaker is working).
On the positive side, I just switched to this Moto Z2 Play a few days ago, so
that I could have the Miracle Ear apps on my phone, which work with my hearing
aids.  My old Windows Phone would not support the Miracle Ear apps, and that is why I
switched to an android phone (specifically, to this Moto Z2 Play phone).
I am very happy with how the Miracle Ear apps work on my Moto Z2 Play (and that
far outweighs the annoying "Hello Moto" that is spoken, which is
really a minor detail, but I would like to make it go away if possible).
Also wanted you to know that I considered getting an iPhone, that also
supported the Miracle Ear apps, but for various reasons I want with Android
(again, specifically my Moto Z2 Play).  Also, I got a blue incipio cover
for the back of my new phone, and I love how that makes it flat on the back
(that way when I set it on a table it does not rock around when I use it).  This cover also offers a little bit of
protection for the back camera assembly.  Again, I love my new Moto Z2
Play, and I would highly recommend that phone.

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Re: Can spoken "Hello Moto" be removed from startup?

I am not bothered by "hello moto" but my wife is.  I usually wake up in the morning before her and I turn on the phone.  "Hello moto" wakes her up and she is mad.  What makes it worse is that it is a Chinese voice.  I will be glad when the USA stops trading with China.