Can't Bill to Account for Google Play Purchases?

I have the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx and for the past couple months, I was able to purchase apps and music via my Verizon Account (in which I don't do very often, but I will sometimes). Suddenly, the option to bill to my Verizon account is not there. I have other friends who have Verizon and they don't have this problem. I haven't reconfigured any settings (that I am aware of) that would possibly affect this. The only options I now get are: Add Card, Redeem, Add to balance (Google Play Balance - $X.XX).

Can anyone offer a solution for this?

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I know this is an old post, but here's how I fixed it:

Go to play store menu > account > payment methods. Remove Verizon wireless as a payment method. I had to do this with three items.

Under App manager on phone, clear cache and data in play store. Clear cache in Google Play Services.

Next time you select payment options when purchasing an app it should show "set up Verizon Wireless billing" or something now.

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Thank you, that worked for me.

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Good afternoon. I know having the ability to bill applications to your monthly bill is extremely
convenient. I apologize that you are experiencing difficulties with this feature. There are many reasons why it may not provide you with the option to bill to your account. There is a $25.00 limit per bill cycle.  Once you have reached this limit, it will no longer give you the option. There may also be a block on your account that may be restricting you from billing to account. In addition, if your account is suspended or past due, it will not give you the option to bill to account. Should you need further assistance please feel free to reach out to us. Have a great weekend!

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I am having the same issue and my account just fine according g to verizon, but between verizon and Google no one can tell me why its happening. Do u every get the issue resolved.


Just on a Hunch have you tried Accessing the feature after doing a power Cycle or a System Cache Clear you might try that and then go in a re-try to Purchase something..

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Same issue here.  I spent over 8 hours with tech support.  In the end, they determined that I can not use the feature because I am a native new mexican.  No joke.  When I asked why, I was given a physical address for some committee and told I had to hand write them a letter and mail it, and they couldn't do anything else to help.  The world's biggest telecom company said either buy a stamp or just forget about it because of where I was born.  I wish I was making that up.

After 11 years.  My family and I are 100 gone from this company the day my contract is up.

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I tried system cache clearing, about 4 apks, every possible variation of cache and data and erasing app updates, factory resetting, new Sim card, new name it.  Some of us live in rural areas and buying a play card isn't an option.  The final fix I got was to change my home billing address to anywhere out of state and deal with never recieving my bill again because Verizon now has a policy that new Mexicans cannot use the service, and that it is likely because the area has a high risk or history of fraud, but they weren't sure.  It isn't a tax or state law.  Other carriers have nothing of the sort.  I even contacted the state public regulations department and they said it is absurd.  Lucky for me, they left me with a physical address to write a letter to and ask what the f...and said they may respond IN A FEW WEEKS.

Good luck, above posters...not that it will help.  Your best bet is to cross your fingers and hope you weren't born on a Wednesday or with blue eyes or to a midwife or whatever other absurd regulation Verizon decides to impose while refusing to explain why in any way.

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Are you trying to purchase a movie in google play or just more apps, music etc?  If you are past due on your account it will not let you bill to account.  Another restriction is it will only let you bill up to 25.00 per bill cycle so not sure if that is a possibility for you.