Can't answer phone

I have a Moto z play droid. Whether I'm using another app or the screen is locked nothing happens but ringing. No notifications, flashing etc.

If I'm using another app I can't close it or get to the home screen to touch the phone sign until the ringing has stopped. If the screen is locked I can't get it opened in time. It's almost like the ringing stops everything else from working.

These calls all show up as missed calls with some leaving voice mail.

Thus seems to have started after the Nougat update. Please help.

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Re: Can't answer phone
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You have an awesome phone and we want it to work flawlessly for you BLUFFTON.  I'm sorry your phone is freezing and not allowing you to perform multiple functions. After an update you may have applications that are not compatible with the new software and cause issues with other apps.  I recommend checking if all your apps are currently up to date. I recommend using your phone in Safe Mode for a few hours to see if its an app causing issues. Here is a link to put your phone in safe mode .

Keep us posted.


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