Can't get Best Buy Verizon phone
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I found the Droid Maxx on Best Buy for $50 with a Verizon contract but Best Buy says I can't get the phone because it is in a store outside of my region and they won't ship it to me or a store near me. Five customer service reps including a manager couldn't tell me why and gave me contradictory information, so I searched online and found out the restriction is only for mobile phones... well I read on a forum that they do this so you have to activate it in the store so they get credit, but that's not true either because they used to ship them from their warehouse and now I can't even get it to ship for full price! They offer an "upgrade", add a new device, replace my device, or start a new contract. No matter what I can't have them ship it to me or have my sister pick it up (or so it seems).

What is going on here?! Amazon had the same deal recently and I missed it, and it didn't require me being at a store! I read on a forum that Best Buy wants you to be there to "activate" it or they don't get paid, but that doesn't make sense on a full-price phone.

Is there some Verizon restriction with Best Buy? The Best Buy manager told me that the phone only shows out of stock when Verizon pulls their deal, not when they actually go out of stock! Of course, he told me they were out of stock when they weren't, they just weren't in my region. Why can't they ship me the phone?!

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Re: Can't get Best Buy Verizon phone

You might give this a Look it's not through Best Buy but it might be worth at least a Look..