Can't update My Verizon Mobile

Been told by a developer that I need to update in order for their software to work.  In particular it's "Asset Essentials" I need for work.  He noticed my version is outdated.  So I go settings/System Updates and find that it says I have the latest.  Go to Verizon's website and see there are updates for my phone...…  But I can't install them.  WHY?  Just paid this thing off... found out I paid 2 times more than it's sells elsewhere.  So if they tell me I need to upgrade my phone..... MY HEAD WILL POP.

Actually that will be the end of my dumb phone use.

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Re: Can't update My Verizon Mobile
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for all these details, @scooter221 Keeping your device up to date is certainly important, especially to be able to use the applications you need. We see how this whole situation has been time consuming and we can assure you that we are here to help. What is the exact make and model of your device? Is Asset Essential the application that you need for work?GeorginaG_VZW