Cannot add corporate exchange email account
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Hi all,

I tried to add my corporate email exchange account to a new Z (actually I have tried on two different Zs), and I kept getting a popup that it needs a certificate.  My IT guy at work has no idea what it needs, and neither does the guy at the Verizon store.  When someone tries to add our corporate email from another Droid (say, a Samsung), this problem does not happen.  I currently have our corporate email running on my Droid Turbo just fine.

Any advice?  I would like to have this phone, but, obviously, not being able to run my corporate account for email/calendar/contacts is a non-starter.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cannot add corporate exchange email account
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I have added my corporate Microsoft exchange email without any issues. My Moto Z did not ask for a certificate. Sounds like a server issue?