Cannot bypass google verification

I have contacted Verizon support several times (in store, in a corporate store, and over the phone) with this issue, and they have not been able to help me. The issue is that I have done a factory reset on the phone (Droid Turbo). When I proceed through the setup wizard, I am prompted for a google verification login. I am not given the option to 'skip' this step like I have been able to on previous device setups. This is a company phone, and the co-worker that used the phone prior set up the google account. Therefore we do not have access to the login credentials. I have tried using a different account, but that just kicks me back to the start of the wizard. I have also tried other methods including:

        • All device support steps of the Verizon support page
        • Selecting text to do a search and get into the device settings. Then trying to do another factory reset.
        • Going into settings and trying to enable developer mode (in hopes to bypass from a PC), but nothing happens when I tap 'Build Number' seven times.
        • The amazon app store method, but when I enter my amazon account info, the app crashes. This happens for all apps that I have to sign in to.
        • Probably others that I don't remember

This has been an issue for at least a month, and I have had no progress. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so were you able to find a solution? This has been extremely frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. I am debating claiming this as a faulty device. It is still under warranty, and since nothing is functional on the device maybe they will give me a new one.

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Re: Cannot bypass google verification
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you will need original gmail info in order to proceed other way around it...sorry

Re: Cannot bypass google verification
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I thought a full factory reset would clear out any previous email accounts associated with the device. I'm baffled why it is asking for verification unless they are trying to add the same Gmail account. Then it would make sense to get the login credentials and have the verification.

To the OP, you should be able add a different Gmail account for the primary Google account after a factory reset. It doesn't make sense why you can't set it up like a new device.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.