Choppy voice on Droid Razr M after 4G tower activated

Recently I received notice from Verizon's PR that a new 4G tower in town was up and running. After I re-booted my phone, I was getting 4G and full "bars." I have a Droid Razr M, and noticed right away that the voice on calls was extremely "choppy," so much so that the conversations were unintelligible.

I have contacted the PR office (I work for media, so that is the normal procedure).

I checked to make sure my Droid had the latest software.

I also confirmed the 4G by running a speed test on the phone (up to 21MBPS upload on the phone, 30MBPS when my macbook Pro was connected to the phone via wifi), but still having voice issues.

Others in town had also reported the same problems, with Samsung and Casio phones.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Choppy voice on Droid Razr M after 4G tower activated
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Hi Montana_1957,

We want you to have fantastic service at all times! Does the choppiness occur on all the calls? When you leave the area where the new tower is up an running does the issue clear up?

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