Chrome, Maps & Gallery constantly crash & errors with multimedia texts

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this phone. Chrome, Maps, and Gallery crash almost every time I use it, regardless of the activity. If I switch between apps, it will always crash. For example, if I am on Chrome and I get a phone call, I will get a notification saying Chrome has stopped working. Also, when I text a picture, I only see a blank placeholder where the picture should be when I hit send. If I start a multimedia or group message, and leave it as a draft, the text string completely disappears, if I leave the app and go back in. I have cleared the cache & done a reset. I am ready to toss this phone out a window & cancel my plan since I have a work phone I can use. How can I fix this?

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Re: Chrome, Maps & Gallery constantly crash & errors with multimedia texts
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Hello lauren3795, help is here front & center! The last resort option is a factory reset on the phone. Did you do this type of reset previously or did you do a soft reset? View steps here: Is the device on the latest software version? Is there any physical or water damage? We may have to replace the phone if still under the manufacturer's warranty. Keep us posted!

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