Connect Droid Turbo 2 to a TV to play movies?

I would like to stream movies and TV from my Droid Turbo 2 to a TV or onto my laptop, but I can't seem to find what type of cable is needed. The phone doesn't have an HDMI output port - just the USB/charger port. I'm unsure exactly what type of port this is. I see cables for a MHL or USB-C to HDMI but am not sure if this is what my phone has. Currently I'm streaming by using the phone as a mobile hotspot, but there data limitation on the hotspot is smaller than my total data limit, so I'd like to play on the phone (not as a hotspot) and get it to show up on the TV or laptop screen. How do I do this?

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Which applications are you using to watch the movies or TV?

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That's an excellent question. Lets dig a little further. Where are you streaming Movies and TV from (application)? Have you ever connected your device to any of these objects via cord for streaming purposes?




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