Connecting to all wifi networks

My Moto Z Force Droid is connecting to all wifi connections. How can I turn that off and only connect to connections I have joined with a password before. If there is wifi near me it connects and I loose internet connection because I do not have the password. It is networks I have never joined before. I have never had this issue with any other doid/android phone. I have looked through settings and toggled different wifi settings and it still does the same. HELP!

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Re: Connecting to all wifi networks
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Thanks for taking the time to contact us so we can help prevent these random WiFi connections, johnpaul5700.


We understand you have toggled some settings. Can you check one more setting for me that will help you avoid any unstable connections?


Go go Settings > WiFi > tap the menu icon >tap Advanced > tap Avoid bad WiFi connections.


Was that on/enabled?




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