Only serious reply's..My patients is near the end...

When I compose a text message I click on the Address book in the upper right hand corner.

When i click on the person I want at lease two numbers appear...


When i goto Contacts in my Apps.

In the upper right hand corner is the settings dots.

The top option is "Contacts to display"

I only have "Cloud" chosen.

I have Deleted my contacts from my Gmail account.

Help me figure out why two exact numbers are coming up when i select a contact.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Contacts
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I had this happen several times when using the cloud to store my contacts. Somehow it just makes duplicates or even more. I quit using cloud and use Gmail to back up my contacts exclusively and haven't had the problem since.

Re: Contacts
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I would guess you're using an android phone.    I had this start happening to me when I upgraded to Lollipop earlier this year.  When they introduced linked contacts, it looked like more contacts were exposed that used to be hidden.  For example, I had 10 contacts for every one and they all were in the WAZE address book.   I solved it on my phone by going into the contacts settings and setting up a custom display to not display the waze contacts.