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I had a rotten experience with Verizon when trying to place an order for the upgrade on my equipment. Been with you guys for years how does getting my order wrong translate to me waiting 24 to 48 hours to get my money back then having to start this process all over? Especially when you guys were called 30 Minutes after placing the order and finding a problem. After speaking to several Customer service reps I found out I'm hosed and have to wait for their sweet time to correct the problem while the money I paid remains in Limbo. The ordering process took an hour on the phone to complete. It just seems they have no worries about all the time I've wasted due to no fault of my own.

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Hello. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is definitely not the experience we want for you. You will need to wait for the refund to be processed back to your payment method you used to pay for your order to replace it. Please send us a Private Note if you need anything else today. *Bryan