Customer service is awful

working on my 4th Moto Z. I have been with Verizon for 20 years or more. I just got off the phone with CS and i was told all they can do for me is give me the same phone AGAIN! I just wanted to exchange it for a different brand. No one was there in a position to say, "lets do the right thing". 4th phone same exact problem and all they will do is send me the same phone. I will be taking my business from Verizon, they dont care I know. I have spent thousands of dollars with them and this is how they treat a loyal customer. I will be verbal about this and go all over social media to tell people abut this service. Beware of Verizon


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Re: Customer service is awful
Customer Service Rep

dobyone1, we regret to see you're on your 4th Moto Z Droid and want to help ensure you have a working phone going forward here. We value your 20 years of loyalty and losing you isn't an option we want to consider. As we don't manufacture the devices we sell, providing you with another brand outside of Motorola isn't an option under warranty replacements.


Once you purchase the phone, you have a direct warranty through the manufacturer and not Verizon Wireless where we could provide you with any device we want. If you're running into the same issues this is either something software related or due to restoring the same content back to the phone which may be corrupt. To focus on a proper resolution, what's the exact issues you're having with the phone?