DROID MAXX HD will NOT send Pic Text on WiFi???

Alright- what the heck is going on!  I have had Droids by Motorola for YEARS.  This is my 3rd one.  Droid 1st Gen/Droid Bionic and now Droid MAXX HD.  I HAVE NEVER HAD TO TURN OFF WIFI IN ORDER TO SEND A PIC ON TEXT!  This new Droid will fail every time if I have wifi on (even not connected to a network) at sending a pic text.  This is crazy!!!!  When I went to my Verizon store-  official store not an independent office- they told me I had to erase my phone and start again.  Did that 3 times.  Same thing.  I called in to VERIZON Technical Support- and they knew exactly what I was talking about.  They had me turn off my phone and they sent some ping or something and they told me to turn it on and see if it worked.  Well, it didn't.  I called back to Verizon Technical Support and the (edited) was RUDE as hell!  She said "NO PHONE WILL SEND PICS ON TEXTS" (edited) - my Droid Bionic can and still does!!  I took my card and chip out and put them in my old Droid Bionic- and it works just fine.  Sends PICS on wifi all day long and you do not have to down size the picture file or turn off wifi to send it.  It just goes right on through.  SO WHY ALL OF THE SUDDEN DOES VERIZON MAKE US TURN OFF WIFI TO SEND PICTURES???  And if it is a new policy make DATA UNLIMITED AGAIN!  And if it is a software glitch all of the sudden- make it so that the phone automatically sends 3G/4G without us having to go in and turn on and off wifi.  They are just hoping we forget that our wifi is off so they can watch the $ roll in when we browse the web accidently on 3G/4G!

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Re: DROID MAXX HD will NOT send Pic Text on WiFi???
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First, I completely understand your frustration.  I have the Droid Razr Maxx, my second. Verizon Tech was incorrect in telling you that you can't attach pics to texts. Yes, you can, and I do it daily on my DRM.  Not sure how long you have been with Verizon, but when you call Tech Support, be advised, the 1st responder is NOT tech support.  They are a 1st line operation to assist you on primary basic issues.  Every time I've called, I've spoken with them about 20 seconds and request I'd be forward to Tech Support, which they will do.  That is where you will get true tech support.

The real issue, hard to believe I know, is not so much Verizon, but rather Motorola & Android, along with Motorola's new parent company: Google.  Several at my job either have the Droid Razr or Droid Razr Maxx. Since the last Android Update, many old features have been lost.  For instance:

  1. you can no longer make 50 second videos to attach to a Text Message. You must no download a 3rd party APP off the Google Play. 
  2. When shooting video, the volume buttons are used to zoom in/out, and use to do so smoothly. Now, the zoom is jumpy
  3. Several of use to have volume on videos, not any more. I play videos and hear nothing, and I've don hard resets.
  4. Use to be able to leave the flash off on the camera, permanently with each activation fo the camera. Not anymore, you have to set the flash settings each time you use the camera
  5. Battery Drain - this is the biggest issue. I bought the Maxx for the added battery. I use my phone heavily and still only had to charge every 3rd day. Now I have to charge daily.  Those I know with the Razr are now charging multiple times a day.

I could go on, but no need as I know you get my point.  The fact is, Verizon has no control over the Android phones or upgrades, nor do they want the responsibility; read the fine print in their contract.  They are merely interested in selling phones and getting signed contracts for service.

I belong to the Motorola Droid Test Forum with about 8,000 others.  We get the updates early.  For at least 3 years, the Forum has done a consistent job of telling Android/Motorola what works and what doesn't.  They no longer listen to the feedback.  If you call them on an issue in those community discussions, you get very defensive replies of how hard they are working, blah, blah, blah.

I've done a lot of research and I would suggest, for you next phone, you consider the Samsung or HTC phones.  Samsung is a power house now and they carry a lot of clout.  I've read they are very responsive to users of their phones and issues with Android.

My experience with Verizon, and I've been using them before they became Verizon, is their customer outreach and service has declined.  I awoke today with my phone deactivated. Why?  Because they wanted to let me know I was exceeding my plan minutes and texts.  Yeah, I know, I've been paying the overages for the past 6 months.  I'm working on a major project at work and expected, that's why I pay the bills in full.  So, this morning, I can't call in to a contract signing or even email it remotely over my hot-spot. We lost the contract as the vendor was upset.  All Verizon could say was "We apologize for the inconvenience."  No real concern that the contract was a vetted multimillion city contract.  About 80% in my department use Verizon and as this directly affects all their jobs, there is already discussion to cancel our contracts, go with someone else.  Now that my phone has been reactivated, just got a text from my Division Head, they are meeting this very minute on vetting new cell phone contracts.  I'm sure Verizon could care less.