DROID RAZR M by MOTOROLA: > Voice > No Service / No Signal
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Have had Verizon cellular service @ same residence for 15 years with NO lack of service issues here. First Motorola brand phone. Droid Razr needs soft reset every few days due to no signal. Really made a mess of things by not getting calls/ texts for two days. Aps reminders disappear with soft reset as well.If it continues to be the only way for resolution, will not consider Motorola device again.

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Re: DROID RAZR M by MOTOROLA: > Voice > No Service / No Signal

I'm guessing this is a used phone due to the name of the device as it indicates the possible age.  have you reset or replaced the SIM card?  It is free at a corporate store or free ordered online at Verizon.  I had the Razr Maxx which came out near the same time as the Droid Razr.  It was a very strong phone, beating out the 2 I have had since that were newer by 2 different manufacturers.  I have noticed many people reporting less signal than they used to get, but i don't believe that the Droid Razr should be affected by that theory.