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Today I open my phone which I have painstakingly removed all the garbage from to find 5 new apps installed.

Among them Clash of Kings, Juice Jam, and several other apps with permissions to check my phone status, read contacts, and even to check installed apps.

Is this Verizon's idea of privacy?

I'll tell you one thing this is a turbo 2 I paid for out of pocket and I will lie cold in a ditch before I sit idly by while a legally binding contract I signed with Verizon leaves me having my personal information leeched out by unauthorized 3rd parties.

Either Verizon figures this out or I will be demanding a refund in full and closing this account.

This is atrocious and downright fraudulent in its mishandling of my private data. Who I make calls to, when I make them, what I visit, and what I install is none of the carriers business provided it isnt transmitting anything illegal or in breach of contract over the provided line.

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The privacy policy is- 'Verizon does not sell, license or share information that individually identifies our customers with others outside of Verizon.'

This is not a violation of the policy or your contract. Apps need access to the status of your phone, such as if you receive an incoming call while playing a game it can mute the game sound, pause, and allow the calling app to take precedence, populate on the screen so you could answer and hear the caller. The app and third party developer wouldn't know any of your personal information, like who is calling you etc.

Many apps also have permissions to access your contacts app, like a game where users can compete, share or suggest the app to their friends. Apps don't do that automatically, only when prompted to do so by the user. The app can't read the identity or details in your contacts, it allows for the user to connect with their acquantances thru the app by accessing clicking the contact vs entering thier information manually into the app.

Checking installed apps can allow the app to see if there's other apps that may conflict, need to be update or allow for app suggestions. These include just the name and version apps only. None of these would allow third parties access to identify you, your personal information, or exact location.