Digital Sabotage

Here is an interesting story. I've had it happen more than once now and I'm curious if anyone else has.

I have an android Moto Z3. About two weeks ago I let my nephew hold my phone and he cracked the screen within minutes. Luckily the function of the phone and display was unaltered. All of the images looked great so I just dealt with it. Now i've been paying for insurance for a while and I decided to look up my coverage. It says I have $29 screen replacement through Asurion. So I filled out a claim for a new screen.

The very next day my phone stops working. Nothing on the screen, zero input. I tried all combinations to get it working again. Now I didn't drop my phone again, nor did I get it wet. It just wouldn't turn on. I contacted asurion to check on the status of my claim and they said "We digitally scanned the phone and it is saying there is more wrong than a cracked screen."

"You did what??? I said. How odd is it that right after I file the claim that my phone stops working? I find it hard to believe that the cracked glass suddenly destroyed my phone. You don't like the idea of a $29 dollar screen vs a $99 dollar used phone."

I'm not a conspiracy theorist at heart. However this is the second phone to have this exact symptom. It was a broken screen, working fine, filed a claim and BOOM phone won't work. I never though about it until now when the agent told me about digitally scanning my phone. I wonder how hard it would be to look at the code...

I intend to find out more. Any similar experiences? Class action against Asurion anyone? I happen to have a pretty good lawyer. The issue would be proving it.

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Re: Digital Sabotage
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Considering a Moto Z3 is $400 unlocked and a lawyer is how much..?

Re: Digital Sabotage

You're probably right. It couldn't possibly be that the damage done when the screen was cracked caused more damage than was "immediately" evident. NEVER seen that happen before. Must be some bigger conspiracy.