Do any any work right with kitkat installed.
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My phone was replaced after kitkat update because battery drain, wifi only connecting in one room of my house, Bluetooth not connecting, texting problems, and other minor issues. I was advised only option was to keep denying it on new phone every 12 hours, but after a few days it downloaded anyway, now I'm denying to install every 12 hours. It's wearing me down, is there any chance my phone will work right if I install it?  Why is Verizon and Motorola not willing to stop this thing?

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I thought I'd lost my mind when I woke to find that my phone morphed in the night.  When will The Powers That Be get it? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Also, we pay you for phones and services and you intrude whenever it pleases you. Like the Feds.

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This is a disaster. I've had several Verizon agents admit to me that the update is flawed, typically with messed up bluetooth, wifi problems, and more. Heck, even my clock was messed up, showing 5 hours off, even with Eastern Time Zone selected right! The update erased all my bluetooth pairings, some of my apps (had to reinstall), and my wifi is quite unreliable. What do people with limited data plans do when wifi is always flaking out??? What does one do when they get a product, and later it gets hobbled pretty bad. Nice way to get you to buy another one, although that was not the original intent. Actually, MOTOROLA really messed up on this one, and it makes me think twice about EVER buying one again. So again, Verizon KNOWS about this and is beating on Motorola's door to do a PATCH. This is serious, and a big blunder. We shouldn't (with an update) have to have so many people doing factory resets, sending their phones in (swap with older version), uninstalling various apps that are offended (and not working right) after the new update, and more.

Anybody else hacked about this?

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Disaster is an understatement - default keyboard is now Chinese, no WiFi, can't connect to my network extender (so I can't call, text or have data t home), a prompt keeps telling me my phone has spyware on it (VZW just tells me to ignore it), crashes, lags, some apps won't work, and of course there is going to be a "PATCH" some day though no one knows when to fix everything.  Until then my Razr M is should be called BRICK.

My last smartphone with VZW.

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1- They will not stop it.

2- The phone will not be the same after u install it.

3- you cannot go back to the original software you had.

I don't mean to sound gloomy, but if you read the hundreds of posts about the disaster that kitkat created, you will see what's going on.

But who knows , if you restore your phone and do a cache partition cleaning after you install it, it might work propetly. However; there is no guarantee.