Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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Call verizon. Have them forward you to motorola help line. Talk with someone that barely speaks english. (I'd bet their spanish isn't much better.)
Tell them your having issues with it. You don't like it and want the older version back.They will tell you they don't have a way to revert to the older version. They used to but not anymore.
Tell them you don't care. Tell your boss who tells their boss and all the up the chain until it gets the the developer. WE DON'T IKE IT!

They may try to have you troubleshoot the phone.
I don't want it troubleshooted. I want the old version back.

Eventually they may suggest or you can cut to the chase and tell them to send you a different phone with the older version.
They will tell you they can't guarantee it will be an older version but they will send a new phone. It should arrive within 2-3 business days.
Then you will have 5 days to return the other phone.

Not a problem. You can just keep sending phones until I eventually receive one with an older version.

I think as much as I persisted they will make sure I receive an older version. I also don't think they go through their inventory updating phones sitting in boxes just fun of it.

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Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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So. I got my new to me android razr maxx version 4.1.2 before the kit kat update.

Like. Comment. (removed) Keep this thread popular an at the top.

Post this thread around if you don't want the kit kat and looking for an easier better looking update.

Works great. I can swipe left and right while on chrome to change pages.
I can unlock the phone by selecting the center and swiping up for phone. Left for camera, down for text, of just unlock to the right.

I can see a normal readable view of alarm clock. Turning a game app down does not turn the normal phone volume down. The dial pad is right there when I select the phone button. No more selecting an option to get to the dial pad.

Have the black background in text which is very easily readable. No little smiley crap icons where the enter button should.

I have the older version 6.14.3 google maps version which I can change my route while in navigation mode.
I can zoom it out a little and it will still track me going down the road.

Awesome new phone. Never going to update this. I like it just the way it is. Leave my new phone alone programmers.

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Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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If everyone who does not like this thread or even is just having issues with the new update.

If you click the like button and maybe add a comment.

We can have a running count of how many are wanting the old version back.

We get a high enough number. Maybe they'll revert it back.

Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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Edit. Why cant i edit my post.

If of everyone who likes this thread

Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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They are not going to revert back on an update. You are one of the few having an issue. I received the update, and after doing a hard reset (which is recommended after a major update), it's running fine. Better than Jellybean, anyway.

Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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Unless your getting paid by Verizon or Motorola. Don't answer for them.

Link is in mobile version.

If it won't load. Search for

KitKat Upgrade is horrible for Droid RAZR Maxx HD - Major issues - Horrible testing.

Yes. Everyone loves not having a working phone.

Never answer for anyone else.

Otherwise you are responsible for them.

One day you will be wrong and it could be harsher than you thought.

You get enough people together. You can change large companies.

You could even change the government.

(If you can get them together.)

However everyone is to scared to stand up.

Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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Edit. Not everyone. Just most.

Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.

I unfortunately did the update when it rolled out and was excited about it. Instantly I had issues with my RAZR hd , while my batt was never great like vzw said it would be at least I used to get a days life out of it. Now I am lucky to get 5 hours without a dead batt and yes I did the factory reset. Now for the newest and most weird issue from kit kat, my clock is 3 hours behind and I can't get it back and I too have all the same issues everyone else has. I have always had weird issues like my weather giving me forecasts in other states when I'm looking for my city. I have been a vzw customer for 20 plus years (before they were vzw going back to a 3watter bag phone) and well do I stay if i can get a different phone or go to the big gsm carrier.

Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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A new update on status of my phone with 4.1.2 version of android system.

At 1st I was having trouble keeping a good connection with a buddy while talking to him on his phone. I thought is was his phone as he usually dropped a few calls here and there. I dropped a few as well but between the both of us it was maybe once a day.

So I noticed that since I had the older version back I thought about it and between the both of us we lost signal  more than the usual. I went into my settings and turn on the notification for when my signal was lost.
I had noticed it was me loosing signal more than the normal. Even inside cities.

A few weeks later I tried to tether the computer to the phone. Then after turning off the computer and using the gps. I lost gps signal about every mile. For awhile I couldn't figure out why. However my wifi settings was turned off.
I later found that when turning on the tether mode. My wifi turned off.
I used to be able to have both on at the same time.

Some places I would go to would have free wifi. I would use the wifi on my computer through my phone as my Phone would get better signal. Not anymore

My phone freezes from time to time and lags a bit. When doing just about anything. Changing apps, using the internet, even just going back to home screen.

Another week or 2 difference, after I kept getting this notification about using up my data limit. At 1st I didn't think anything of it. I just thought I was using a lot this month.

During the 1st week of my new bill this month. I checked what apps were using up the data.

I noticed one of the little android icons was using up a more data usage of all the other apps combined. I'm on the internet a lot with work.

Some of these issues I can deal with . Like the lagging, screen freezing and such.
It sure beat the new update.

This may be the way verizon is forcing those to update to the new crappy update. That no one wants. However forcing everyone to get.

Re: Don't like the update. There is a solution.
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I definitely understand why you're concerned, I'm right there with you. We don't want you to have this type of experience with your phone. The issues you're describing are odd, especially since the software version can't revert. Regarding tethering, wi-fi has to be turned off for that to work, this has always been the process. For the other issues, we recommend backing it up, turning off and completing a factory reset.

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