Driod maxx can't merge calls?

I have a Droid Mxaa, had an HTC One, but wanted to try something new.  There is no comparison between the two phones, the HTC is far superior as I am learning.  But I have th phone now, so I am trying to get used to it.  I cannot merge calls however and I have searched the internet and ti appears the only way to merge calls if if I make the calls.  Wehn conferencing on every other phone if I am on a call and another person calls in, I can answer, then merge the calls, but not with the Droid and this just seems archaeic from a phone.  Is this correct?  Droid Maxx can't merge calls?  in 2015?

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Re: Driod maxx can't merge calls?
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 joebeaster, Being able to join your incoming calls is an important feature we all need. Let's make it happen. Have you tried the following?  When you are on a call and a second calls come in pick it up place it on hold. Swith to your original call and see if you can merge the calls. Keep us posted with the results.
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