Droid Maxx GPS hanging
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My Droid Maxx (NOT RAZR) on Android 4.4 is having intermittent GPS issues while using various applications. I typically notice the behavior while using Ingress (preinstalled first party app) and Waze (installed third party but still owned by Google) but also have noticed issues on Google Maps. Symptoms are a hanging of motion in apps then a snapping to my location several seconds later and an apparent loss of GPS lock. While locations related to this issue seem unpredicatable at times, other places are always an issue. These consistently problematic locations include a point on the interstate with clear view of the sky and in a 4G area receiving a minimum of 2-3 bars.

So far, I have performed a factory reset, replaced the SIM card, booted the phone in safe mode (in order to rule out third-party app misbehavior) and even had Verizon spend a week and a half "fixing" the causing "network problem". Nothing has remedied the issue.

Recently my wife told me she was having similar issues losing lock in Google Maps navigation on her Motorola Droid Mini but I have yet to verify first hand.

I'm not sure whether this is a handset issue, a Droid Ultra line hardware issue or a Kitkat upgrade issue. I've already had Verizon replace my handset twice before and I'm not ready to go down this road again if I can avoid it.

Anyone else experiencing these problems?

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