Droid Maxx Update (Oct. 31) + Google Now Cards are all gone.

Just did latest update for Droid Maxx (Oct. 31), Version, and now all my Google Now Cards are gone.  But, although it says "no cards", if i click on it, they are there.  Just not showing up in widget on screen automatically.

Anyone else?

Could also have been Verizon's fault?  They uninstalled the new Visual Voicemail, so maybe they did something, but that sounds less likely...

Both things happened near the same time.  I noticed it after.

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Re: Droid Maxx Update (Oct. 31) + Google Now Cards are all gone.
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Hi there rhjh,

I regret to hear that you are having a hard time with the Google Now Cards after the update. You mentioned that they are there, but they just aren't showing up in the widget. Have you tried to remove the and re-add it?

Are you also having troubles with Visual Voicemail? If you had been using it, you should still have the app and feature available.
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