Droid Maxx XT1080M Screen Rotation Problem and Notification Drop Down Issue

My droid maxx xt1080m screen rotation got stuck on landscape while viewing photos the other day. I went into settings and unchecked the box for auto rotate screen. My photos were still in landscape and would not go back to portrait. I turned off the phone and restarted, went back to the gallery and pictures were back to portrait. I then went into the settings and checked the box for auto rotate screen, went back to photos and they will not rotate. Nothing and I mean nothing will rotate at all. Photos in the gallery that used to rotate, apps that used to rotate will not rotate. How do I fix this?

Now I also notice that the notification list at the top will not drop down when swiped down. I will have to swipe it 7-8 times to get it to come down. This is my second maxx as the first one got stuck in a loop on boot up and would not reset.

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