Droid Maxx and my New Incipio Charger.. aka K.I.T.T. the movie car :)

Got me a New INCIPIO Ghost 100 Wireless Charger that's a mouthful  for Charging my Droid Maxx the Wireless way)  So far it's doing what it is intended to do.. charge the phone I've checked it a couple times to see how warm it is getting it does get warm on the Flat plat of the charger and the back side of the phone so as I mentioned I'll keeping an eye on it..  And I'll post some results a little bit Later..  b33

If any one has this charger and would like to add some thought on please give a Post..  Below is a Screen Shot of my Phone and the Ghost 100


121 Droid Maxx and Wireless Incipio Charger.jpg

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