Droid Maxx can't hold a data connection.
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I have 2 phones in a remote area with a single tower that I live about 200 yards from.  The old Razr Maxx always gets at least a 90 to 125 dBm signal with 3g.  New Maxx drops the signal completely, goes to 1X or won't connect to data at all.  Cache wipe, new sim card, and a couple of factory resets have had no effect. I can hold the two phones side by side and the old Razr is always connected but the new Maxx 1080 looks like it is consistently losing and trying to find a signal. 

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Re: Droid Maxx can't hold a data connection.
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Ribro21 Let's get to the bottom of the signal concerns. We absolutely want you to have great signal on the Droid device. It is a concern that one phone has a stronger signal than the other. First, check to make sure that data roaming is enabled on the phone in question. Go to settings,more,mobile networks and data roaming should be set to allow access for all trips. Next, wewant to confirm the exact model number for both phones (or atleast the one that's not working). Motorola has released a Droid Razr Maxx AND a Droid Maxx so they're different models. Go to settings, about phone, model number. This will help us determine the next steps.

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