Droid Maxx2 wants to talk

Every few minutes, especially in the car or if I am watching TV, my phone gets a blue screen and thinks I am talking to it. How do I turn this off. It is making me crazy. If I ignore it enough times it gives an alarm sound and the screen shows I have tried to enter my voice pin too many times. Last night while watching TV it called a business by itself.

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Re: Droid Maxx2 wants to talk
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I know that would definitely bother me just the same so let's see if we can figure out what exactly might be going on. From your description this sounds as though it may be the Moto Assist application, but we'll need a little more detail to be sure. What exactly do you see when this happens? Are there any words or messages on the screen? Are you holding the phone when this occurs or is it stationary?

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